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"Don't judge a book by its cover" is so passé. They say that what you see outside does not matter; it's what's inside that counts but in the real world, what is seen outside is just as important as what's inside-and even more important to some. Everybody knows that consumers pay attention to aesthetics. When we stroll down the grocery isle or CD shelves, we cannot help but pay attention to what's appealing to our naked eye-colors, design, texture-because that's just how the human brain is programmed. The items that appear good are always sought after while those that only float in mediocrity are oftentimes left untouched, unnoticed.


That is why in CD Packaging matters a lot. Aside from the good music that artists play in their CDs, CD Packaging is one of the most crucial criteria where people base their decision of whether to purchase a CD or not.


CD Packaging comes in a variety of choices. CDs could be packaged in standard/traditional ways or in custom CD Packaging. The two most common types of standard CD Packaging are Jewel Cases and Clear Plastic PVC Sleeves.


Jewel Cases

Jewel case is the standard CD Packaging in the industry. It looks just like the regular cases we usually see in CD stores and is probably the most cost-effective of all CD Packaging cases. It is made of plastic and has a clear tray where you insert the booklet.


Clear Plastic PVC Sleeves and Vinyl CD Sleeves

Clear Plastic PVC Sleeves/ Vinyl CD Sleeves are a perfect alternative to jewel cases. Known for their cost-effectiveness and convenience, CDs packaged in plastic or vinyl sleeves are distributed easily because they are very light to carry. They provide perfect CD protection at a low price. They can also be placed in envelopes and has a minimum charge for stamp posts in deliveries and mail-outs. Plastic sleeves also come in an array of colors to choose from: blue, green, red, yellow etc. These are suitable for customers who are always on-the-go.



On the other hand, there are plenty of options to choose from in Custom CD PACKAGING.


Printed Card CD Packaging

Similar to Clear Plastic Sleeves for its light weight and design, printed card sleeves are very eco-friendly and the card may be in a matte or gloss finish depending on the choice of the customer. Simple yet classy, Printed Card CD Packaging is guaranteed to be an ideal choice for saving the charges for stamps.


Card Wallet and Slot Loading Printed Card

Just like a real wallet for money, this type of CD Packaging houses the CD securely so as the CD does not fall out easily. With thumb cut design it allows an easy access to the CD. It is also light-weight and cost-effective and is presented either in a matt or gloss finish of the cover.



As with the digipak or flexitray package, as others may call it, it is also available in a matte or gloss finish but compared to jewel cases, this type of CD Packaging is highly-customized, modern and eco-friendly. This CD Packaging can have up to 8 panels thus giving artists more more room for artwork, notes, thank yous, etc.


Cd Hubs, Buttons or Dots

Another option for CD Packaging is this inexpensive yet flexible mean which is a perfect choice for combining a CD with a manual, a book or album. This type of CD Packaging is usually used in book reviewers and instructional manuals since they adhere to plastic, paper or cardboard.



All kinds of CD Packaging serve 2 things- to provide protection to the CD and to attract customers. Well, whatever your choice of CD Packaging may be, the more important thing is that you add a personal touch to your CD Packaging. Be as involved as you can be in the artwork, copy, CD case selection, and other steps in creating your CD Packaging. It would be like putting your heart into it, giving the album a personal touch and giving the album more value.

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CD Packaging: Most Popular Types of CD Packaging

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