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One of the most important aspects in the replication and distribution, or marketing of DVDs is its packaging. Packaging can actually create a whole lot of difference in the overall effectiveness of the product. In fact ideal packaging not only ensures that the items inside are well protected, but also that the product appears aesthetically appealing to the buyer. There are practically several different packaging methods, designs, and configurations for DVDs to select from. The varieties range from regular or standard cases, to purely customized, made to order presentation pieces.

Use of environment friendly products in packaging

The CD and DVD packaging industry of late has been inclined towards ecologically friendly products, and limiting the uses of carbon footprint for use in packaging. The first option is limiting the amount of plastic in the packaging of CDs and DVDs. Since plastics have always been a cheaper option, packaging industries have always used them. DVD packaging has always been done with the help of the Amaray DVD case. This is made of polypropylene. The Digipak is a better alternative to the Amaray case, because it is made of thick card, and the use of plastic has been limited to the trays, which are used as holders for the DVDs. The next option for DVD packaging could be eliminating the use of plastic fully. In this type of packaging, The DVDs or CDs are held in paper holders. Another innovative packaging product is the Jakebox that holds the media in a paper "claw". If someone wants a tray in the packaging, he can go for a paper foam tray. This type of paper foam tray is used in the Digipak. The card used for packaging can be a recycled one. A third alternative could be using of soy and vegetable based inks for printing, along with the combination of the above processes.

Important features of a Digipak DV star packaging process:

• The design of each package is such that it swings open.

• The trays can hold up to three discs.

• The board cover may be embossed and UV protected as well.

• The package structure normally holds four panels, but a package structure might also be created with extra trays.

The use of the environmental friendly packaging comes with an extra bit of cost. However, the contribution that this type of packaging makes by cutting out the use of plastic and other synthetic materialotion of eco-friendly packaging material as a whole.s is phenomenal. This can have a large scale positive impact on prom

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DVD Packaging - Go Green

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This article was published on 2010/04/02