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1, the conventional method and the existing package of applications

Now LED Packaging methods are: Support Row package, SMD package, module package several of these packaging methods are common and often used our.

Support package is the first row used for the production of a single LED device, this is our common lead-type light-emitting diodes (including Piranha package), it is suitable for instrument lights, city light Chemical industry Cheng, Advertisement Screen, barricade tube, traffic lights, and now some of our more common applications products and areas.

SMD package (SMD) is a leadless package, small, thin, is very suitable for mobile phone keyboard and display lighting, TV Backlight unit, and the need for lighting or direction of electronic products in recent years has to a large patch package size and high power of direction, a chip within the package, three, four led chip can be used for assembly of lighting products. Module package is a multi-chip package, the alumina or aluminum nitride to a smaller board size, high packaging density packaging dozens or hundreds of LED chips, the internal line is the hybrid type, that is, there are several chips in series, there are several routes in parallel. This package is mainly to expand the power, used lighting products. Module package due to the higher density packaging, application of heat generated when a large, heat is applied to solve the first problem. Using the above method of production of the device package, for the production of Lighting Have a common characteristic: the number of thermal resistance of the Road, more difficult to produce high quality lighting, and the module itself, the connection with the processing requirements of the radiator is relatively high. All current methods are the yellow phosphor package (YAG) and epoxy resin mixed according to different than the column, directly points to a blue LED chip, and then heat cured. Advantage of this common practice is to save material disadvantage is not conducive to heat, phosphor also age. Because the epoxy resin and phosphor materials are not good thermal conductivity, and the package will affect the entire chip cooling. LED lighting fixtures for the manufacture of this approach is obviously not the best solution.

High-power chips currently manufactured abroad, more than 0.5 watt white chips are coated in blue chips on a layer of YAG phosphor slurry, looks like just is a yellow cube, (except for welding The two gold pad no phosphor, the method commonly used than the previous method can improve the optical efficiency, so widely used in foreign countries.) in the package, as long as this kind of white chips soldered circuit board design can be good, Province to the phosphor coating processes. Lighting manufacturers to bring convenience, but domestic production can not chip suppliers white high-volume production of such LED chips.

Early development of LED lamps in China is a country currently in the domestic use is not bad, because the national emphasis on "low-carbon economy", in 2009 China launched 10 City 10 000 LED lights, many cities have the experimental section, to test the feasibility of LED lights, China is a street light to break through, and foreign (Osram, Nichia, Samsung and other companies) are based on a breakthrough in indoor lighting, these two lines about who has more advantages, has yet to see the outcome . For our part, starting with LED street lighting for the application direction is due to conditions, because our national income lower, LED interior lighting costs higher, the people can not accept. The use of LED lights is the Government out of money, LED street light manufacturers took a fancy to it. In fact, the working conditions of street light LED indoor LED Lighting more than harsh, demanding, such as customs clearance can do quality (heat, life, color, reliability, etc.), then come back to do the indoor LED lights are easier to the. LED current foreign giants are rolling out hundreds of even thousands paragraph shall LED interior lighting, the price at 20-75 dollars, the power from several watts to 20 watts. But they are used in packaging methods mentioned earlier, the only Philips to phosphor coating in the LED Lampshade On, was named 2009's most innovative LED lighting products.

I think: all of its manufacturing LED lighting should be multi-chip package and the module package (module package is a high density multi-chip packages), and is best encapsulated in the lamp LED chips directly to the main body, This thermal resistance of the Road, a few at least, can get better heat dissipation.
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Innovative Led Lighting Package Of-led, Lamps, Lighting - Lighting Industry

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Innovative Led Lighting Package Of-led, Lamps, Lighting - Lighting Industry

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