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These type of packaging can u used for oil, whiskey, energy drink packaging, lubricating oil packaging, fruit juice packaging, car shampoo packaging, motor oil packaging, When the terms “Liquid packaging” comes to my mind the bottle of Wine I see in front on my eyes… and feels WOW… !

As when I was visiting to London I got the Wine which was packed in specialized liquid packaging spout pouches and it was superb ; easy to hold, easy to carry while travelling, and easy to fill the in the glass…

I saw many such kind of packaging which are available in the market for the liquid filling such as wine packaging, oil packaging, liquid soap, whiskey packaging, salad dressing, motor oil, olives, fruit juice, purees, sauces, soups, edible oil, dairy products, liquid chemicals, liquid hand soap, beer packaging, etc.

They are even eco-friendly and store the liquid material for long time..! If you are visiting stores you can find many such liquid packaging which has replaced traditional glass bottles, glass containers, plastic bottles and plastic containers.

You know the best thing in this packaging are they are easy to transport in bulk and requires 7 times less space than rigid plastic and glass bottles. So transportation cost is big saving and environment friendly because of less use of resources as spout pouches has 4-6 times less weight than traditional plastic and glass bottles. So manufacturer of this packaging can deliver more stocks to the retailer or distribution center of liquid packaging bags.

Once I asked a retailer that what kind of material are used to produce such packaging..! the manufacturer replied and explained ne very nicely . They said these packaging are made of multi layer laminates with different substrates. So shelf life of the product is very good. It is Ideal for viscous products because the body of pouch is soft and can be squeezed till end. Breakage do not happen while transportation so less rejection and money saving. Cheaper packaging option than rigid containers and bottles.

Spout pouches are available in many colors, size. Spout pouches for Liquid packaging are easy available in printed and unprinted. light or mild alcoholic drink packaging, yogurt packaging, honey packaging, sauces, mayonnaise, salad dressing oil, tomato sauce, herb pastes, liquid chocolate sauce, edible oil, gels and aerosols, liquid soap, detergent, hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cream foundation etc...

I am sure that this type of packaging will replace the glass packaging. The manufacturer has taken real care for the food packaging, the raw material they use and due to this shelf life of the product is increased drastically. Packaging looks appealing because full color printing is possible in 360 degrees. If I get the changes will really love to visit liquid packaging manufacturer and want to see the real procedure and want to thank them to make the easy storing of liquids possible at dirt cheap prices.

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Liquid Packaging

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Liquid Packaging

This article was published on 2011/04/20