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I believe that packaging industries have changed the technologies and upgraded them self..

Well, I regularly visit the grocery shops for buying and I see many types of food packaging like,

Liquid packaging, coffee packaging, tea packaging and I guess that they are called “Stand Up Pouches” if I am not wrong.

Another criticism in the packaging industries is that manufacturer of food products do not make the right packaging industries which in turn raises the product price and contributes to solid waste disposal problems. But there are many food packaging manufacturer available in the industries who are quality conscious, low in the rates and timely delivery.

These manufactures are just amazing. They provide various designs, printed and unprinted, many sizes, and they test the packaging... you know why I am saying this?

One day I went to a grocery shop and asked the man there I need the roasted nuts and he gave me a pack. I saw it closely it was horribly packed. ! I was shocked and asked that man that what the rubbish packing is this.. why do u put this kind of nuts packaging in your store.. ! He too was amazed looking at that packaging.

I took the Email address of the manufacturer of the roasted nuts and wrote him regarding this.. He was really nice that he replied me next day and invited me to visit his manufacturing unit.. I was keen to visit there. I went there and he explained me the process. I advised him that Google few manufacture for food packaging, coffee packaging and Specially Nut Packaging you will find many companies ask them samples and check the quality of packaging then place the order.. as if you do not do this then your brand image will spoiled. He understood that and he did the same things and after some time his products selling was doubled.

After this that manufacturer talks to me on emails and I too regularly visit his factory to see the correct nuts packaging! Hahaha not only that but other food packaging too…

Friends you know why this happened; only food quality does not matter but the right kind of packaging does also matter.

So if you are the manufacturer of any of the food products like, tea, coffee, nuts, roasted nuts etc. choose the correct packaging industries.

Many kind of nuts are packed in stand up pouches like cashew nuts, pea nuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, gourmet nuts, pistachio, chest nuts, hazel nuts, macadamia nuts, pea nuts, pine nuts, walnuts etc. All this nuts are roasted and fried and salted and available in good types of nuts packaging. We also have available beautiful nuts packaging machines which works very fast and efficiently.


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Nuts Packaging

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Nuts Packaging

This article was published on 2011/04/26