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Packaging is an important component of marketing. Its a marketing tool used to reflect the brand of the product and is used by the company or such like to sell the product inside. A well-marketed product is packaged in a way that compels the customer to pick it up, take a closer look and eventually purchase the product. To make this happen, it is vital that packaging materials are of high quality and sustainable value.

N.B Polyfilms is a well known manufacturer of packaging materials offering to a wide spectrum of industries, a diverse range of total packaging solutions from food packaging to liquid packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, carton packaging, pouch packaging, plastic packaging, etc. N.B Polyfilms range of packaging material products includes different laminate structures using PET, Met-PET, LDPE, Aluminum, BOPP and Paper and zipper, stand up, center seal, three side seal, and gusseted pouches, for various applications such as vacuum/gas packing, retort packing, etc.

At N.B Polyfilms, we remain committed to environment protection and accordingly, all our products are environment-friendly, recyclable, renewable and biodegradable making it a better alternative to other packaging materials in the markets. In addition, Its products also add value throughout the supply chain, help effectively cushion and protect products during shipment and offer resistance to corrosion, longer shelf life, ease of transportation, ease of printing, dimensional stability/flexibility, impenetrability and pilfer-proofing. Further more, our products also offer improved temperature stability packaging and improved protection against oxygen, carbon dioxide, microbes, moisture, and odour.

Innovation and creativity is a passion with N.B Polyfilms and we believe that a packaging must not only look appealing on a market shelf, but also ensure sound protection of the contents to add value to a customers purchase. Its ability to establish economies of scale and offer a range of packaging materials gives it an added advantage over its competitors. Today, N.B Polyfilms not only has a wide range of product portfolio, but also a well-entrenched distribution network that enables it to reach a wide spectrum of customers at all places at all times. A complete one-point packaging materials provider, N.B Polyfilms can be relied upon to meet all your packaging requirements for all occasions at all times.
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N.B Polyfilms is a premier Flexible Packaging converter, based in Hyderabad. Founded in 2003 by a team of top-notch professionals with sound expertise in flexible, printed and laminated products like single and multiple layer films, pouches, rolls, etc,

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Packaging Material

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This article was published on 2010/12/17