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With a variety of CC materials
tin, DR materials, plating ferrochromium has been constantly enriched and promoted the development of packaging products and technology, metal packaging full of innovations.

From the world of metal packaging and the General Assembly and Metalpack Interpack exhibition on display technical information on specific products and metal packaging are welcome to see an unprecedented wave of technological revolution and innovation. Its focus and development focus in the following 3 points.

1, computer digital technology in the detection and control in Yintiezhiguan the full range of applications, unprecedented improved production efficiency.

2, to enhance the visual impact of packaging shelf and convenience features as key to raise the overall product grade paper and plastic packaging to withstand the challenge.

3, to reduce resource consumption and product recycling focus. Derived materials, printing, welding making technology, opening the lid a series of innovative methods and technology and development. Specific performance and trend are as follows.

(1) strengthen the marketing function of expected future sales package is the mainstream
Customer-oriented brand to promote the sales target to the protective packaging, functionality, convenience and decorative four in one direction. As to enhance hit shelves in the power of visual focus on a single from the original focus of the standards can be more productive development to be able to produce more diverse at the same time shaped tank; from the original general manufacturing to sophisticated fashion lean manufacturing transformation. Better adapt to rapid changes in the packaging market. Urbanization, packaging promotional requirements.

(2) the development of functional packaging, convenience packaging
Further mining tin unique characteristics of the material and general design to promote reduction, cost and portable design, convenient to ergonomic design, expand the metal packaging in various fields. Product categories and packaging camp richer, applications have been further expanded.

If people feel more comfortable hand grip, more humane, more suitable for women of packaging structure design. Won the World Metal Packaging Awards 2005 first prize in the Bosch gift cans, the surface flow line design, is a complete match with high-end tools for the metal packaging design example.

(3) Green Packaging manufacturer has faced enormous pressure on resources and environmental pressure in the packaging materials are lightweight, materials and the direction of reducing consumption of resources.

Follow the recovery system, recycling and reducing resource consumption using the combination of packaging development ideas, to tinplate packaging to meet sales demand, continued with the use of environmental resources and reduce resource consumption and coordination (4R ~ 1D or Reduce Packaging reduction. Reuse packaging re-use, Recycle Packaging Recycling Recover access to new values, Degradable packaging materials and packaging degradation of corruption LCA Life Cycle Assessment method 11 in accordance with the requirements to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources) to actively develop the new green packaging design, to tinplate packaging more prominent in the visual effects, more stylish, more personalized while minimizing resource consumption.

Example: laser welding with coated iron forming the aerosol cans with a thickness of only 0.14mm new lighter, more cost saving from the original pressure of 12 to 18 buses up to 34 buses and development prospects.

Tin cans, open end approach requires the use of tools for opening the lid from the original development of the cans and then to tear the cover of today easy to paste the convenience of the lightweight packaging direction.

(4) more attention to regional differences in markets, to meet local consumer groups
In the beverage packaging, the Japanese prefer to repeat the open bottle of coffee in Europe and North America, people are more like cylindrical cans; in some coastal city of wave-shaped contour is more popular beverage cans.

(5) update the package design to establish effective and convenient shelf two different dimensions of the design evaluation framework

Metal packaging from the Fourth World Conference announced the four selected classes (ie: drinks, food, gift type, common standard type) metal packaging highest honor award winning look. Further verify the above mentioned trends.

By the International Iron and Steel Association, the International Packaging and Printing organization, the Pan-European Brand Design Association, organized by the European canners association and three other units of the world metal packaging awards, in 2005 winning entries are as follows.

Beverage First prize as a reusable coffee opened bottle. Second prize for the vertical stripes with Nestle 200ml cylindrical jar. Third prize for the relief of the UCC with black coffee can.

Food First prize for the combination of tea gift set, second prize for the paste-type pet can easily tear the cover with the top third prize for the Preservation of tanks dot the safety buckle.

Gift Class Bosch tools to streamline
first prize second prize for the gift box embossed with clear embossing and decoration and color combination of chocolate candy gift box third prize for the iron complex of rectangular plastic CD case.

Day of general category First prize for the window and can be easily repeated with detergent packaging can open the second prize for the window paint cans: third prize with a flare for the design of chemical products to prevent the packing tape cans. With a variety of CC materials

tin, DR materials, plating ferrochromium of continuously enriched. Packaging products and technology to promote the development of metal packaging full of innovation. Identify problems and begin to improve the design; meet market brand identity requirements. Innovation and development of personalized packaging; from the concept of green product packaging, the value of packaging demands the real meaning of deep excavation; from packaging visual needs, lead packaging, limited space to the infinite delight and charm of artistic sublimation gave us each a surprise, with to response, to inspire and bring a good effect on the market. Packaging of life lies in innovation. Only by constantly "create doubt, create different, creative, creative projects," continued development of innovative power structure can lead to innovative content innovation, technology and performance of innovative techniques. Packaging equipment and materials, and innovation and making the means of achieving progress and prosperity of metal packaging trends.
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Tinplate Packaging Design And Development - Packaging, Packaging Materials, Beverage Packaging -

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