Tips On Affording Inclusive Vacations

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Spending your vacation in the Caribbean is one of the best ways to enjoy your life. Below are several things that may help you to get the most for the money as well as have a great time in the bargain.


First off, explore some of the special discount packages offered by all inclusive Caribbean resorts during the off season. It also isn't that wise to travel during holidays, since these are times when practically everyone else in the world is traveling also. Of course, it is best to plan ahead, and to book your destination ahead of time in order to avoid hassles; but if you are one of those last-minute people, follow these tips to make for a better holiday and cheaper stay.


Remember that vacation travel packages are never made with just one person in mind: no two people are the same, and you can use this fact to haggle for cheaper or better deals from travel agencies. While travel agents can give you the best deal for a package, including airfare, transportation, and lodging, really good agents can be quite flexible. Even if there are only ready-made inclusive vacations packages available, if you are staying for an extended period you can ask for special perks. For example, if you want a rental car for the first half of your vacation but not the second half, good agents can arrange this for you often at cheaper prices. Also be sure that the package which you want is really available, and you don't get pulled into a bait-and-switch. For example, some agencies offer too-good-to-be-true packages, but when you inquire they say they are sold out, and offer you another package instead.

Before you make a deal or pay any cash, be sure that the deal you want is still available.


The sign of a good package is that it is flexible allowing you to choose different destinations, lodgings, and brands without major changes in the price. Another sign of a good package is a choice of rental car agencies. All inclusive Caribbean vacations are also a good bargain for many travelers particularly those who just want to relax and hang out and never leave the hotel. Ask about what discounts are available if you stay in your hotel for more than a week, or if you sign up via internet rather than phone. Be sure that you have checked out all possible discounts available before you decide on a tour package. Also, be sure you know exactly what route your airline is taking, in order to avoid unpleasant layovers.


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All inclusive Caribbean vacations can be tailored for singles, families, groups, weddings and honeymoons. Inclusive vacations means never having unexpected expenses and all inclusive Caribbean resorts can be great bargains, particularly in the off-season. To book your vacation, contact SuperClubs today.

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Tips On Affording Inclusive Vacations

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This article was published on 2010/07/29